Park Hill Evangelical Church (“we”) take your privacy concerns seriously. I if you have any concerns about the way your information is being handled, please contact Data Protection Manager: Phone number or

Email address mail:

We will carefully investigate and review all complaints and take appropriate action in accordance with Data Protection Legislation. We will keep you informed of the progress of our investigation and the outcome. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may wish to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office at

Any complaint received by us must be referred to the Data Compliance Manager, who in consultation with the Trustees will arrange for an investigation as follows:

  1. A record will be made of the details of the complaint.
  2. Consideration will be given as to whether the circumstances amount to a breach of Data Protection Legislation and action taken in accordance with the Data Breach Procedure.
  3. The complainant will be kept informed of the progress of the complaint and of the outcome of the investigation.
  4. At the conclusion of the investigation the Data Compliance Manager  and trustees will reflect on the circumstances and recommend any improvements to systems or procedures.

DCM Data Compliance Manage

Reviewed:  January 2022